Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Switchboard Parts

Page 2 - Switchboard Meters

Front of panel mounting, made for the Air Ministry (AM) looks like Metropolitan-Vickers trademark
on the scale, 0-75mV FSD, moving coil 6-1/4" diameter body, 7-1/4" base flange. Pressed steel body.

Bit of an imposter this one and the next. Both are probably from a Dynamo/Starter Motor test rig.
This one is for starter motor testing hence the large amperage figures. Cast iron body.
Glass broken when bought, flush panel mounting, 8" flange, 6-1/4" body, 75mV sensitivity.

As above but 0-10A scale, probably for field current. 75mV sensitivity again.

AC ammeter, 5A FSD, scaled 400/5A which means a 400A Current Transformer is required.
Cast iron body, made by Weir Electrical Instrument Company, front panel mounting, 6-5/8" body, 7-1/2" base.

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