Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Switchboard Parts

Page 1 - Replacements we have made

One of the original broken fuseholders and one of the prototype moulded bodies
with parts transferred over from the old one. Release wax has caused the
marks on the moulded part, should be able to eliminate that on later attempts.

The larger body with one of the smaller sizes of the same type underneath.
We had moulds made for two types, mainly because of the tooling costs,
but also as they covered most of the switchboards that we have here.

Picture of two of the original fuseholders showing the sort of minor end damage
that happens with these porcelain holders so often. The basic fuseholder is still usable but it looks awful.

The larger body by itself. Size is nearly 6.5" wide, 3" high and 1.5" front to back.
The centres of the connection blades are 4-5/8"

Back view of the larger fuseholder. Some of the text from the original came across.

Back view of a new smaller holder and original. Screw head holes were deliberately
made smaller, centres of blades on this size are 3-13/16" - a common size.
Note external finish is better on this later moulding.

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