Lister 5/1 Diesel

Carburettor Service Data

SU Carburettors - Index

The top section of this menu page has the index to the SU carb data sheets by manufacturer and model.
The bottom half will have the index of data sheets as soon as we have prepared it, that will take you to the individual sheets.
There are over 200 pages to scan and clean up, so please be patient while we get them prepared.

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SU Carburettors - Main Index Pages

PAGES NOT READY YET! (AUD10 & AUD40 working)

SU Carburettors AUD13 to AUD99


SU Carburettors AUD100 - AUD200

AUD104 AUD109 AUD111 AUD112 AUD118 AUD120 AUD124 AUD128 AUD132
AUD135 AUD136 AUD139 AUD141 AUD144 AUD146 AUD147 AUD150 AUD151
AUD153 AUD154 AUD155 AUD156 AUD157 AUD160 AUD161 AUD168 AUD170
AUD171 AUD180 AUD181 AUD184 AUD185 AUD186 AUD193 AUD200

SU Carburettors AUD201 - AUD300

AUD201 AUD202 AUD204 AUD209
AUD210 AUD211 AUD215 AUD217 AUD226 AUD227 AUD230 AUD231 AUD232
AUD233 AUD239 AUD240 AUD241 AUD242 AUD243 AUD245 AUD247 AUD250
AUD251 AUD252 AUD254 AUD256 AUD257 AUD258 AUD262 AUD263 AUD264
AUD265 AUD266 AUD267 AUD269 AUD270 AUD271 AUD273 AUD275 AUD277
AUD278 AUD281 AUD284 AUD285 AUD287 AUD288 AUD290 AUD291 AUD296
AUD297 AUD298 AUD299

SU Carburettors AUD301 - AUD400

AUD305 AUD309 AUD310 AUD312 AUD313 AUD314
AUD315 AUD317 AUD318 AUD321 AUD324 AUD325 AUD326 AUD327 AUD328
AUD329 AUD330 AUD331 AUD341 AUD342 AUD344 AUD345 AUD346 AUD350
AUD354 AUD355 AUD356 AUD357 AUD359 AUD360 AUD363 AUD365 AUD366
AUD367 AUD368 AUD370 AUD371 AUD374 AUD376 AUD379 AUD380 AUD381
AUD382 AUD384 AUD385 AUD387 AUD388 AUD389 AUD392 AUD393 AUD394

SU Carburettors AUD401 - AUD500

AUD401 AUD403 AUD404 AUD405 AUD408 AUD409 AUD411 AUD412 AUD415
AUD418 AUD419 AUD428 AUD431 AUD433 AUD434 AUD436 AUD438 AUD440
AUD441 AUD445 AUD446 AUD449 AUD450 AUD451 AUD453 AUD460 AUD460
AUD462 AUD463 AUD464 AUD465 AUD466 AUD467 AUD468 AUD469 AUD472
AUD474 AUD475 AUD477 AUD479 AUD480 AUD481 AUD486 AUD487 AUD490
AUD492 AUD493 AUD494 AUD495 AUD496 AUD498 AUD499

SU Carburettors AUD501 - AUD600

AUD502 AUD503 AUD504 AUD508 AUD509 AUD511 AUD513 AUD515 AUD516
AUD517 AUD519 AUD521 AUD522 AUD523 AUD524 AUD525 AUD526 AUD528
AUD530 AUD532 AUD533 AUD534 AUD535 AUD536 AUD537 AUD538 AUD539
AUD541 AUD542 AUD543 AUD545 AUD546 AUD547 AUD548 AUD549 AUD550
AUD554 AUD555 AUD556 AUD557 AUD558 AUD559 AUD564 AUD565 AUD566
AUD567 AUD568 AUD572 AUD574 AUD575 AUD576 AUD577 AUD578 AUD579
AUD580 AUD581 AUD582 AUD583 AUD584 AUD585 AUD587 AUD588 AUD589
AUD593 AUD594 AUD599 AUD600

SU Carburettors AUD601 - AUD700

AUD603 AUD613 AUD616 AUD618 AUD619 AUD620 AUD621 AUD623 AUD624
AUD625 AUD627 AUD628 AUD630 AUD631 AUD632 AUD633 AUD634 AUD635
AUD646 AUD647 AUD648 AUD653 AUD654 AUD655R AUD656 AUD658 AUD660
AUD661 AUD662 AUD663 AUD664 AUD665 AUD666F AUD667 AUD668 AUD669
AUD670 AUD671 AUD672 AUD673 AUD674 AUD676 AUD677F AUD678 AUD679
AUD680 AUD684 AUD689 AUD690 AUD692 AUD693 AUD697 AUD698 AUD699

SU Carburettors AUD701 - AUD800

AUD702 AUD704 AUD706 AUD707 AUD708 AUD710 AUD711 AUD713

SU Carburettors AUC201 - AUC983

AUC968 AUC976 AUC979 AUC983

SU Carburettors FZX1001 - FZX1200

FZX1001 FZX1005 FZX1011 FZX1012 FZX1013 FZX1014 FZX1022 FZX1027
FZX1033 FZX1035 FZX1041 FZX1042 FZX1043 FZX1044 FZX1045 FZX1046
FZX1047 FZX1049 FZX1051 FZX1053 FZX1055 FZX1059 FZX1060 FZX1064
FZX1065 FZX1066 FZX1067 FZX1068 FZX1071 FZX1074 FZX1076 FZX1077
FZX1079 FZX1080 FZX1086 FZX1087 FZX1093 FZX1095 FZX1096 FZX1104
FZX1108 FZX1109 FZX1121 FZX1122 FZX1130 FZX1131 FZX1133 FZX1141
FZX1142 FZX1146 FZX1148 FZX1156 FZX1160 FZX1162 FZX1164 FZX1168
FZX1170 FZX1172 FZX1174 FZX1178 FZX1180 FZX1183 FZX1187 FZX1189
FZX1191 FZX1193 FZX1199

SU Carburettors FZX1201 - FZX1300

FZX1203 FZX1205 FZX1206 FZX1207 FZX1209 FZX1211 FZX1213 FZX1215 FZX1217
FZX1219 FZX1221 FZX1223 FZX1225 FZX1227 FZX1229 FZX1236 FZX1237 FZX1242
FZX1251 FZX1252 FZX1253 FZX1257 FZX1258 FZX1259 FZX1263 FZX1264 FZX1265
FZX1266 FZX1269 FZX1270 FZX1271 FZX1272 FZX1275 FZX1278 FZX1279 FZX1280
FZX1281 FZX1283 FZX1285 FZX1286 FZX1289 FZX1292 FZX1294 FZX1298 FZX1299

SU Carburettors FZX1301 - FZX1400

FZX1302 FZX1303 FZX1304 FZX1305 FZX1306 FZX1307 FZX1308 FZX1309 FZX1311
FZX1312 FZX1313 FZX1314 FZX1315 FZX1316 FZX1317 FZX1318 FZX1319 FZX1320
FZX1321 FZX1322 FZX1323 FZX1324 FZX1325 FZX1317 FZX1328 FZX1329 FZX1330
FZX1339 FZX1349 FZX1351 FZX1355 FZX1356 FZX1357 FZX1366 FZX1379 FZX1380
FZX1383 FZX1384 FZX1386 FZX1387 FZX1388 FZX1389 FZX1390

SU Carburettors FZX1401 - FZX1500

FZX1405 FZX1409 FZX1411 FZX1412 FZX1413 FZX1414 FZX1415 FZX1419 FZX1420
FZX1422 FZX1428 FZX1429 FZX1435