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  Industrial Engine Technical/Dating Aviation Subjects Imperial War Museum at Duxford.
  British European Engine Engravings.   Brief history of R A Lister & Co.
  Ruston & Hornsby, factory pictures.   Marine, Hot-bulb Semi-diesel etc.
  Gardner Multi-Cylinder engines.   Ruston & Hornsby, our own 1ZHR.
  Bentall agricultural farm machinery. Silver Ghost  1922 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Silver Ghost.
Nordberg Radial  Nordberg engines, large and small.   Stuart-Turner H2M two-stroke diesel.
  Rail Museum, New Delhi, India.   Engine Indicator information & pic's.
Machine Tools WARD machinery, new and in use.   Pictures of two trips to the scrap yard.
  Engine Trailer Construction & Mods.   Armstrong Whitworth Pictures
  Mechanical Tables, Keys & Threads.   Fuel Injection info for Pumps/Injectors.
  Trip & Rally Reports   Miscellaneous Items