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Default Tricky Vedette...


I've been restoring a Morris Vedette MKII engine installed in a small wooden launch I have also painstakingly restored.

Using the info here I have managed to get her running but there are a few annoying issues that I am facing and any help would be appreciated...

Generally, it will start by the book - half throttle, full choke, fully retarded.

Sometimes though, the engine will die after a little while (a few seconds to a minute). I don't know why this happens sometimes and not others.

The other main issue is that it will also stall, or stop if it has been at idle and then the throttle is opened, even smoothly.

Other times it's absolutely great, invariably though it's when I am in the middle of the river that it decides to stop!

It has a solex 26FV carb, and a lucas rf4 magento. The magneto, I have put a different and outwardly good coil into and it seems otherwise good - good spark etc. Spark at all 4 plugs in the right order.

Timing wise, static is around 12 degrees BTDC at 2/3 retard - a few degrees more than the manual says.

The carb - I have done my best but it has been hard! There was a gap between the two halves which I sanded over glass, but there is still a small hairline gap around the choke tube. I have set the mixture to the point it seems happiest. I have made a gasket for the two halves but the crack is still there though very small.

Otherwise it is clean and appears to work.

When it runs well, it is really smooth and works great. I am suspecting a carb issue as this is more changeable perhaps, but there does not seem to be a pattern I can notice.

Any help or ideas appreciated!
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Sounds like intermittent fuel starvation to me. Where is the fuel tank located, and is it vented? Is the fuel "gravity fed" ? Is there a good flow of fuel through the supply pipe when it is disconnected from the carb? Is the float needle working properly?
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Sounds like ignition to me. Get the magneto looked at properly. The coil you put in may be good, but if magnetism or other insulation is weak then it will give the faults you describe. Get the ignition right and most engines will tolerate poor Carburation.

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Thanks for the advice. I have ordered a new condenser for the mag, I don't know if it will help or not. I was hoping that it would work well until the end of the season and then get it looked at! I naively thought that if there is a good spark, it would be OK.

I will look at the carb today, it has been to pieces and cleaned and the needle valve seemed OK, but I am wondering if the float has got stuck or intermittently stuck? The only part I have not taken off is the main jet - could this cause any of the symptoms?

And recommendations for getting the mag looked at?

Thanks, Nic
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