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Default How Not To Do It

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I recon he could have got at least 4 more on half a dozen in the boot.
Going to be an expesive court case. Translators run at around 45 per hour.if he's still here by then.

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the Fiat looks like it could be RHD mind.

either way, irrespective of race, colour, creed, the guy was an accident waiting to happen, and deserves to do time for what that outfit had the potential to cause.

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I like the constable who suggested to guess what faults were found from the routine stop, if you look at the trailer wheel hub its inline with the trailer base so his suspension is on the stops for a start.

Martin P
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In what possible way was that a "routine stop" as per PC Plod?! Surely a "routine stop" is one where there's not necessarily obvious evidence of a crime (or it's minor, like a tail light out, a bit of light speeding, etc.). I can imagine the police's reaction when they saw that rig drive past, and I bet it wasn't routine at all!
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Looks like he has the regulation cardboard number plate?

If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's an electrical problem.
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Geez you guys don't want to see what we get up to down here.....
A howard man mainly but some listers, petters and villers amongst others have sneaked in.
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